Parish Council

With the exception of the part-time clerk, membership of the Parish Council is purely voluntary and, as such, attracts no remuneration. 

There are 5 positions on the Parish Council with each councillor normally completing a 4-year term before either retiring or putting themselves forward to popular vote for another term. 

The current Parish Council elects a chairman and deputy chairman during the May meeting each year. 

The Parish Council meets formally, normally holding open public meetings in the Toft Hotel in the evening. 

A formal agenda is provided for each meeting and members of the public are encouraged to join in the discussions throughout the meetings. 

Normally, the meetings are also attended by our County and District Councillors both of whom report to the Parish at each meeting. 

The Parish is lucky to have benefitted from gifts of land and property in the past. 

As such, the Parish precept is normally set at ‘zero’ saving all residents this part of their Community Charge.