About us

Registered Charity No: 1078244

The Witham on the Hill Historical Society is a small enthusiastic group that specialises in local history. The Society welcomes new members for the very modest sum of £5 per year per household. This small sum covers the whole household and is payable each January.

Contact the Secretary, Sue Cork: suecork8@hotmail.co.uk for details.

As stated on the Charities Commission webpage: “Local History Group, provides History talks and quizzes, outings for members, family history research for parish”

The Society also has a Facebook account:



Dates for your Diary

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held in the St Andrew's Parish Hall, Witham-on-the-Hill




List of Publications

The Historical Society has a number of publications for sale that may be of interest and of use to those wishing to research our local history or their own family history. Please contact Sue Cork for details.

St Andrew's Church Guide - this publication is available in the church at a cost of 50p. The money goes direct to the church 

Walk Leaflet, A5 Booklet - £1

History of Manthorpe, Toft and Lound - £7.50 (Printed to order) 

History of St Andrew's Church - £5 

Graveyard Survey, A4 Booklet - £3.50

Piece of the Puzzle CD Rom or memory stick - £6 (Supplied to order) 

Poster, A3, Witham Estate Timber Sale, 1869 - £5

Poster, A3, Witham Hall and Village Sale, 1928 - £5

WWI Parish History A4 80 page - £10 (Printed to order)


P&P will be added to all orders for those who cannot collect.