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A message from Robert

Published: 17 Janaury 2022

Parish Walkabout to inspect road and pathway issues


Reactive Signs/Traffic Calming/Reinstatement of the “Slow” on the road after resurfaced has been taken up with the highways manager.

Potholes in the reveille to the Golf Car Park.

Clean Speed Limit Terminal Signs - It's in process of being pushed due to overdue status - DUE IN SPRING 22


New Village name plate request - communication with a reply from Richard Stevenson/ Clerk is still awaited.

Several potholes across the parish have been noted to be repaired.

Other ​LCC News

Now we need your help - please use the "Letter to your MP" template to send your thoughts on our roads and road funding to your MP.


In February 2021, the county council’s road maintenance grant was reduced from £51m down to £38.7m – a 25% cut around £12.5m /year. As a result, county councillors voted to fill this funding gap by allocating £12.3m from council reserves for this financial year. There is an urgent need for government to reinstate their highway maintenance funding to previous levels where it correctly recognised the importance of good roads for safety and economic confidence. We are lobbying Government to reinstate its Highways Maintenance Grant for Lincolnshire to the 2019/20 levels.

Good Citizens Awards 2022:

If you know a local person or organisation that goes the extra mile – this is your chance to help us celebrate their work at the Good Citizens Awards. Nominations are now open for our Good Citizens Awards 2022.

Our own health:

Whether getting active or eating sensibly. I was watching Lorraine (dare I say it) interviewing the great Rod Stewart, she says, ‘Rod you look very well for your age’ to which he replied, “Your body is like a pond, if you don’t shake it up, it will become stagnant”.

When we head into the New Year, reflect back and when you start thinking about getting back into shape and you need support, find a buddy (may be you don’t know them but has a similar issue, start the chat) who will join you, or join “One You Lincolnshire” at


One You Lincolnshire to help you with your vices or to change your habits and, finally, if you have something to say on issues or want to raise aware whether it relates to highways or other public services go to our new website “Let’s Talk” at

Active Travel:

We're seeking the views of residents, businesses and organisations on plans to make walking and cycling easier in the county. The Department for Transport awarded Lincolnshire £799,900 to be used to give people more opportunities to choose walking and cycling for their day-to-day journeys, to boost active travel and reduce traffic congestion. According to data from the fitness app, Strava, the county council has found that over 16,000 more cyclists took to Lincolnshire's roads in 2020, compared with 2019, including thousands more cycling commuters.

Finally, we don’t know what the New Year will bring, but Spring is not far away when all gets better! So, for now, have a laugh, enjoy socialising, keep distances, stay safe, go for some walks and look for those without anyone and say, “Hi”.